I Got Some New Freeloading Cats Awhile Ago

If you may recall, The Dingleberry passed away in February. In June, The Mrs. and I bought a house and got 2 new freeloading cats. They have serious mental health issues.

blind cat, cute cat picture, fake russian blue

This is Linnea, she is mostly blind. She had an untreated eye disease at birth and has a membrane that scarred and covered her eyes. We had the vet remove the membrane but it grew back and she is still pretty blind. She is awesome even if she hits her head on things a lot. She also suckles The Mrs.’s lips like a nipple all the time. She won’t do it to me though because she apparently doesn’t like facial hair.

cute cat picture, cat carving pumpkins, obese cat eats entire pumpkin

This is Elena, she looks and acts just like a male orange tabby cat I used to own named Riley, except she sounds like a pterodactyl. She eats literally anything including electrical cords and phone chargers, just like Riley. Sadly, that is what led to his demise. Here is a picture of her when we were carving pumpkins, she ate the rest of the pumpkin.

incestual lesbians, cats grooming each other, hot lesbian action

They are sisters, they are from the same litter but they totally make out with each other all the time. They are incestual lesbians.

sleepy kittens, sleeping cats

They are lazy freeloaders. They lay around and sleep 80% of the day. I have narcolepsy and I don’t even sleep that much. They spend the rest of their time running around like coked up crack fiends wrestling and breaking things. They don’t even have any money to replace the things that they break, plus I have to clean up their poop.

cats in tutus, cute cat picture

Here they are in their Halloween costumes. We got them both a tutu because that is pretty much the only thing we could get on them without being clawed to death. I plan on taking them trick or treating and pretending like they are human babies dressed up in very realistic cat costumes so I can get some free candy. I hope my plan works. If it doesn’t I will have to go to the store and buy some candy November first when it is on clearance.

Strange Craigslist Ads

Here’s a collection of the weirdest Craigslist ads out there. There were plenty of strange ones to choose from.


Fun fact: This woman’s real name is Donald Waelde and he was arrested and charged with bestiality.


































The Dingleberry Reviews Strange Foods

The Mrs. spent the weekend visiting her sister in Southern Ohio. She brought me back some food from Jungle Jim’s International Market in Cincinnati.


As the box says these are Bacon and Cheese Flavored Crickets. They had many different flavored crickets to choose from but the Mrs. knows what I like.


Many of the crickets were missing legs and antennae, they fell off after packaging though and are collected at the bottom of the wrapper, I will eat those last. They didn’t have a lot of taste to them, they had a light bacon and cheese flavor to them but overall they had a little bit of a nutty taste them. They had a nice crunch to them as well.



The next item is chocolate flavored candy with ants in it. It was white chocolate with chocolate drizzles and the little black things are the ants. I really couldn’t see or taste the ants but there was a bit of a crunch whenever I bit into one of them. These were pretty good, it just tasted like candy. The ants they used were also pretty tiny. I’ve eaten plain ants before, they don’t really have much of a taste to them at all.

The Mrs. also got me a loaf of banana bread, I am saving that for tomorrow. I didn’t take a picture of it because it didn’t contain any insects.

Well If This Isn’t The Creepiest Thing Ever


This is a hornet’s nest that is fused with a creepy wooden statue. It is a hornet’s nest with a face. It is hard to tell where the statue ends and the hornet’s nest begins. Sleep well tonight.


Link to Huffington Post article where I stole the picture. 

I Almost Tried Beezin Before It Was Cool

Beezin is something that kids today are into, apparently. It involves rubbing Burt’s Bees Lip Balm on your eyes to get high. Burt’s Bees contains peppermint oil which causes inflammation and burning sensations when it comes in contact with certain parts of your body. Supposedly this reaction makes you feel drunk or high when you get it in your eyes. But that is pretty stupid because you can cause permanent damage to your eyes if you keep using it.


Honestly can never say I ever thought about rubbing this in my eyes. Which makes me wonder how this whole craze got started.


Anyway, here is the weird way in which I almost tried Beezin. The Mrs. has a bottle of pure peppermint oil, you can by this stuff online (for now). It is a natural headache remedy, you put a few drops on your head and the scent is supposed to relieve headaches. You can also add it to your bath water for a relaxing effect. The Mrs. is also secretly really into Beezin (just kidding). So, I was adding some of this peppermint oil to the bathtub and I accidentally spilled some on my hands. She told me you could only add about 5 drops to the tub because if you put too much in you will feel like your skin is burning off. Like an idiot I touched my mouth after I spilled some of it on me and felt like my mouth was on fire for several minutes. I immediately washed my hands after that because I was afraid of getting it in my eyes, but apparently I also prevented myself from getting high like a bunch of preteens.


They sell this at GNC, pretty soon kids will probably be pouring the whole bottle in their eyes and going completely blind. There is a pretty big disclaimer on the bottle warning about contact with eyes. The stupid things people do to get a cheap high.

This Has To Be The Worst Designed Toy Ever

This is a Marvel Comics Punisher toy. The Punisher is more of a psychotic serial killer than a superhero so I’m not really sure why they make toys of him, plus all of the Punisher movies have been terrible. This toy just doesn’t make any sense. It is a Punisher action figure that transforms into a gun. He isn’t a robot, he doesn’t have any superpowers he is just a man that kills  people with guns. I don’t understand why this toy transforms into a gun. I don’t know why the barrel of the gun looks like a giant penis and is located in his crotch. Plus when you transform him into a gun the barrel is aiming out of his ass and he doesn’t even resemble a gun, there is just so much wrong with this toy.




And here is a video review someone did of this toy, which is pretty hilarious. 

There Is A Sex Themed Restaurant In Taiwan

Taiwan just opened this restaurant which is supposed to be an educational restaurant that educates people about the sizes of penises and breasts around the world. It also has blow up dolls laying around that people can play with. There are also miniatures that explain how to engage in a threesome.


They also serve penis pudding, I don’t know what is surrounding it but I don’t think they intended it to look like bloody diarrhea



They also have creepy breast-shaped bowls. However, shouldn’t all the bowls be ridiculous? They have this giant breast shaped bowl and then they just have a couple of plain bowls accompanying it. That’s just lazy.


This video is amazing though.


You can read more about the restaurant here.