The time the cat tried to blind us

As mentioned yesterday, we went to apply flea medicine to the dingleberry. First we removed his collar, now he is running around the house in the nude. Then we had to hold him down and put the flea treatment on the back of his neck. He flipped out because we were holding him down and was wiggling like a worm. Then I finally got the flea medicine on him so we let him go. As soon as he was free he started shaking his body, like cats do when they are wet ,which forced some of the flea medicine to fly off of his neck. The flea medicine  then flew through the air and landed in the Mrs.’s eye, and then some more of it miraculously got around my glasses and flew into my eye as well. It stung really bad and we had to flush our eyes with water per the warning on the box. We were almost blinded. Now the dingleberry is mad at us for putting flea medicine on him and making him walk around naked, and we are mad at him because he almost caused us to go blind.

Blind cat complete with sunglasses, cane, and seeing eye dog

Today I was down in the basement packing up items for the big move. The Mrs. was down there helping me when we were accosted by spiders. Fortunately for us, they were not having an orgy like the spiders in the park yesterday. However there were lots of spider webs down there which I am going to have to remove. The Mrs. is afraid of spiders and could not stand being in the basement for very long.  I am going to pack the basement myself tomorrow since she has arachnophobia.

I started to google image search for funny spider pictures but the Mrs. flipped out and started throwing a hissy fit because the pictures were scaring her. Because of her I cannot insert a spider graphic in tonight’s blog.

A couple days ago I was pulling into the driveway at work and the male cat that lives there named Mrs. Rusty was sitting in the middle of the driveway. As I started pulling up, he walked directly in front of my car and stood there. I yelled at him to move and he got up and went underneath my car and laid down. I had to pick him up and put him in my car and drive him across the parking lot so that I could park my car. He does this all the time, it’s like he wants to get run over. I have also caught him sleeping on top of my car several times. However I would rather he sleeping on my car instead of in the house because he always poops on the floor in the middle of the night. And some nights when he’s feeling frisky he will poop in the bathtub. I miss the days when I could poop in the bathtub and get away with it.

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