I have a cat on my chest

Today I came home from work and did some laundry. While I was in the laundry room switching my clothes to the dryer there was this androgynous looking man there doing his laundry. He removed each article out of his basket then walked over to the empty washing machine next to me and shook his dirty clothes over top of them. He did this with every single item in both of his baskets. After I was finished loading the dryer this freak was still shaking his clothes over the washer next to me, barricading me from the exit. He was just standing there shaking his shirt above an empty washer like it was a normal thing to be doing then he placed it in the washer with his clothes and kept going about his business. And I thought that bros were strange neighbors. I got out of there as fast as I could.

Cookie Crisp and the Italian Stallion also dropped by to check out my new place. They were impressed by it and Italian Stallion played with the dingleberry the whole time. He would throw cat toys at him but he would be to lazy to chase them so he would just throw up his paws and try to catch them, then if he missed he would just lay there like “I wish I could play with that toy if only it was a little closer”. Speaking of the dingleberry, he is sitting on my chest while I am trying to type, partially blocking my view of the screen and making it difficult for me to type. He is reading what I type as well and is not impressed with the things that I am saying about him. He got so pissed off that he jumped off of me and sat on the floor.

Later today I went out to dinner with the Mrs., her BFF, and her BFF’s husband. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and I got my usual chicken chimichangas with refried beans. This is the best thing ever, they are deep fried burritos served with a side of¬†guacamole and sour cream and they are delicious. Plus I ate a whole basket of chips and salsa, good times. Then I had a fried ice cream which was also delicious as well.

Here is a picture of the dingleberry in his favorite spot, staring out of the blinds in the living room window like a creeper, usually leering at people in the swimming pool.