The Swedish Millennium Falcon

Sorry about the lack of postage last night, was too busy and didn’t have time to write anything before going to work. Today was Professor S the Magnificent’s birthday. I made him a card with a weird story in it like I always do when I came up with an amazing idea. Since his wife is the Swedish Falcon I thought it would be cool to get a picture of the Millennium Falcon and put a Swedish Flag on it, thus the Swedish Millennium Falcon was born. Here is an early draft of my idea:

Then The Mrs. and I came up with the brilliant idea to give him a Swedish Millennium Falcon as a birthday gift. We looked all over for a Millennium Falcon to get him. ¬†Eventually we found some at Toys R Us, they had a Lego Millennium Falcon but it was 150 dollars and over 1,200 pieces I did not have the time or money to accomplish getting it and putting it together in under 2 hours. There was a 50 dollar remote control one that was also out of our price range. We finally settled on a Millennium Falcon case and added a Swedish Flag to it. The finished product is here in all it’s glory:

I know it isn’t the greatest Millennium Falcon replica but it was the best I could do on short notice. I need to come up with my ideas further ahead of time. The Swedish Flag is also a paper computer print out, was hoping to get a real Swedish Flag but do not know where I would go about purchasing one of those without having it delivered.

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