Paula Deen is trying to kill you

Paula Deen is crazy. She makes disgusting food and her show is annoying, y’all. Here is a disgusting recipe of hers on the Food Network website. The Mrs. watches a lot of Food Network  and The Cooking Channel and Paula Deen makes me want to douse myself in butter and light myself on fire, although she would probably eat me afterwards. This is a hamburger with eggs and bacon on it, and it is served with donuts instead of a bun. Gross!

The most disgusting part about it is the hamburger because I hate ground beef. Otherwise I might consider eating it.

Another recipe of hers is a ham and banana casserole, who in the blue hell puts ham, bananas, eggs, butter, and cheese together? Other than my dad, Sleeping Jesus, who could have a cooking show on par with Paula Deen. He often mixes cream of mushroom soup with oysters and hot dogs. He even has cooked hot dogs and corn in the same pot, and the corn tasted like hot dogs and he drinks butter milk straight out of the carton. Here is a link to Paula Deen’s grosserole: much as I love bananas, this is just too disgusting for my tastes.

Tomorrow I am going to be riding in the car with my parent’s pug, Mimi for over 2 hours, she is going to molest my ears, I just hope that she has not feasted on her own feces lately. Here is a picture of her in a cowboy outfit, you can tell she loves wearing it.

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