Pork and Beans

I have been going to the in-law’s house this week to check on their cat while they are on vacation. Their cat, Muffin, is usually antisocial and runs away whenever people come near her, and she always seems like she’s about to bite somebody’s nuts off. However, today she actually let me pet her which was weird, maybe she was lonely or maybe because I have been feeding her and giving her treats. She usually hides in the attic when I come over because she’s weird, the attic is probably the hottest room in their house. The last two days she has been hanging out at the doorway of the master bedroom guarding a red rabbits foot keychain like it was some kind of animal she had hunted.

Here’s a picture of her looking cute, I normally would have said something mean about her out of spite, but I’m not because she was actually nice to me for once:

This was obviously taken in the winter, but it was the only picture I could find on this computer.

On Sunday, I went to my nephew’s baptism, I felt a little nervous going into the church because I half expected to burst into flames. And to make it worse I was wearing a vampire t-shirt underneath my dress shirt that a pair of fangs on it and the words “Bite Me”. I had to wear the most church inappropriate thing that I owned, just because. The priest sprayed me with holy water during the ritual which I think he did on purpose because he suspected me of being a vampire. Luckily the burns have healed from where I got splashed.