George Lucas has gone too far!

The dingleberry has continued his odd behavior. I have noticed that he will not eat when the Mrs. isn’t home. He will wait all morning for her to come home from work then soon as she comes in the door he will run to his food dish and start scarfing down his senior food. This makes about as much sense as Hayden Christensen being added to the end of Return of the Jedi.

That just doesn’t make any sense. What was the purpose of this? You can only buy the original Star Wars movies on DVD and Blu Ray with this guy photoshopped in it. That is just dumb. Not to mention all the other dumb things that have been added to them as well. Like the stupid scene with Jabba the Hut in the original Star Wars where he looks like a cartoon and he is half the size that he was in Return of the Jedi.

Jabba the Hut was not the same size as Han Solo in Return of the Jedi. He was like 3 times as big, he needs to lay off the steroids.

They also changed another scene in the original Star Wars where Han Solo’s awkwardly photoshopped body dodges a laser beam then shoots Greedo, instead of him just killing him before he shot at him like it was originally. I couldn’t find a video for it but it was a really bad editing job, take my word for it.

There is also the horrible rap video that was put into Return of the Jedi, I am not even going to post the video because it makes me want to stab myself in the kidneys. I have also heard that recently they changed the ending of Return of the Jedi for the new Blu Ray coming out. Instead of Darth Vader silently throwing the Emperor into the reactor core, they now have him yelling a cheesy Nooooooooo while throwing him over. George Lucas has gone too far.

2 comments on “George Lucas has gone too far!

  1. well i think they have done well to add hayden at the end return of the jedi beacuse it connectcs the original filsm with the new ones , when he became darth vader , he looked like that , not old , that was his good side m when he was still a jedi :) dont ruin the film at all

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