The Dingleberry Reviews Troll 2

One of my favorite bad movies of all time is Troll 2.  It is one of those movies that are so bad that they are hilarious.  First, there are two things you must know about this movie:

1. It has nothing to do with the movie “Troll” and was not made as a sequel to that movie.

2. There are no trolls in this movie.


The original Troll was a pretty bad movie itself, it had Sonny Bono in it and was about a Troll that takes over the body of a young girl and turns an apartment building into a giant Troll paradise. The chick that played Elaine on Seinfeld is also basically naked in this movie too, Google it.

Anyway, on to Troll 2.  Troll 2 is about a family that goes on a road trip to a town named Nilbog, which is Goblin spelled backwards.  This movie is about a town of Goblins, again, not trolls. The town is also visited by a bunch of horny teenagers in an RV. All of the residents in the town turn out to be goblins and there is also a witch that lives in the town played by one of the worst actresses ever.

The teenagers slowly become victims to the witch and goblins.  One of them is even transformed into a human plant with state of the art 1990 special effects. There is also a stupid plot where this stupid kid is haunted by his dead grandfather’s ghost, he only appears to the kid and leers over him like a creepy old pedophile.  He also apparently is able to stop time so that a little kid can pee on his family’s dinner and learn a lesson about hospitality.

Halfway through the movie the witch uses her magic to make herself young so that she can show up to the teenager’s RV and seduce one of them with an ear of corn. Then she murders him in a fountain of popcorn.

That’s some nice corn you got there.

Best. Movie. Ever