My Neighbor Is Really Creepy

There is a creepy old guy that lives in my building, I have blogged about him before. He is always wondering around the parking lot aimlessly and going into other apartment buildings that he doesn’t live in for reasons unknown.  Today when I got home from work he was standing inside the entrance to my building staring out the glass door and holding on to the handle. I sat in the car for a couple minutes hoping he would move because I really didn’t want to socialize with him or go near him because he creeps me out. I finally gave up and walked towards the entrance.  When I walked to the door he opened it, then continued to stand there.  About half an hour later I went out to take the Mrs. to work  and he was still standing by the door, except now he was standing outside.

I dropped the Mrs. off at work and got gas, about an hour had passed before I got back home and creepy old guy was still standing there! He looked like he was waiting for someone or something, except he had been standing their staring out into the parking lot for at least 2 hours that I know of.  Whatever or whoever he was waiting for obviously wasn’t going to show up. I have no idea how long he was standing there after that but it was really strange. He is always standing around or sitting on the balcony next door watching everyone, I feel like he is undressing me with his eyes.

Creepy old guy also only appears to wear one pair of clothes. He always wears the same shorts and an old green scrub top. I am pretty sure that he is not a surgeon and he may or may not be unemployed so I never quite understood the need for a uniform top especially since you can’t wear shorts in a medical setting.

He kind of reminds me of characters on the TV show “Fringe” called The Observers. They are these creepy bald guys that exist in the 4th dimension and appear during important events in the universe. They can travel through time and alternate dimensions just to watch them and keep the space time continuum on track. They are in every episode kind of like Where’s Waldo they just stand around in the background watching people and staring blankly because they lack human emotions. Except they always wear suits and creepy old guy wears a scrub top and shorts. I like to pretend that he is some kind of other-worldly being that has to observe and report on all the anomalies of the universe, I know that’s not true but at least it keeps me from worrying about him breaking into our apartment and stealing our underwear. Which reminds me  season 4 of Fringe starts tomorrow!

They are watching, and possibly picturing you naked.

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