The Dingleberry Reviews Last Night’s Vampire Diaries

After last weeks disappointing season premiere I wasn’t expecting much from this week’s episode. ¬†However last nights episode was actually pretty good, it was very dark and there was little teen drama. Although I was mainly excited because Jack Coleman joined the cast (he played HRG on Heroes) and he’s back to being a creepy bad guy like he was on the first season of Heroes. He apparently is some kind of vampire hunter who totally hates all supernatural creatures and wants to make them suffer. He abducted bimbo vampire Caroline and locked her in some kind of medieval dungeon looking basement and tied her to a chair, then it also turns out that he is her father, WTF? That’s pretty messed up.

Here is Jack Coleman on Heroes doing something sinister with a syringe or basting a turkey, an evil turkey.

On the downside Stefan is still hanging around with vampire/werewolf Klaus for no apparent reason, but at least he pointed out the fact that Klaus was keeping him around for no real apparent reason. To which Klaus responded by saying that it was a secret. Right…

Klaus then had Stefan accompany him to a campsite full of werewolves who were having a camp out before a full moon. Then he made them all drink his blood then killed them in order to turn them into vampire/werewolves. Then he made all of the werewolf/vampires ¬†feed off one of the werewolf’s human boyfriend which they all did reluctantly so they wouldn’t die. But then instead of turning into hybrids they all started bleeding out of their eye sockets and screaming in pain until they all bled to death, that was pretty disturbing. So now Klaus is pissed.

Meanwhile the brother of the main female lead is seeing ghosts of his dead vampire girlfriends who keep asking him for help rising them from the dead but it appears to be for sinister purposes. All the while he is trying to get the brother of one of the ghosts to help him communicate with his dead sister, he was pretty creeped out by the whole thing, understandably.

After last week I was almost ready to stop watching, but now all the dark and disturbing things that have happened in this episode have me intrigued again.

Plus Damon didn’t act like a moron in this episode which is good.

There are also new episodes of Supernatural and Fringe on tonight, awesome! Expect reviews tomorrow. Yes, I am aware how big of a dork I am.