Thanksgiving Is Coming And So Am I

I am totally psyched for Thanksgiving, for once I don’t have to work afterwards because I am currently unemployed so I can eat all the turkey and drink all the wine I want because I don’t got to go to work! Yay! Plus there is going to be some pumpkin pie and I love me some pumpkin pie. But wait, there’s more… I am getting a second Thanksgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving because my mom had to work on the actually holiday and is having it at her house over the weekend, awesome! Double the turkey, double the fun.

In sad news, Wilford Brimley Cat, who lived next door moved out. His owners obviously moved out too but I don’t really care about them, their cat was pretty awesome though despite his problems with diabetes. I miss him staring at us through the balcony doors and meowing at me when I gave him the finger.

Today I got some ice cream cake because I passed my STNA ( State Tested Nurse’s Aide) class with a 98% overall score because I am a genius. I had 2 large pieces of cake.

Here is my new rap masterpiece:

“Gangsta Turkey”

Turkey turkey gobble gobble

gobble gobble gobble

Turkeys coming straight from the mother fucking underground

getting our asses capped by pilgrims because we’re round

running around all day eating our turkey legs

Indians putting our feathers on their heads cause they’re lame

Ain’t nothing glorious about being a turkey

Get your ass shot and stuffed with stuffing and topped with gravy

Turkeys all up in the bitch getting drunk on Patron

Haters gonna hate cause they can’t get me on their plate

Gonna bite off your face and serve it up with some cranberry jelly

Gobble Gobble Bitches

I’m out –

“I was 100% sober while writing that”

Gobble Gobble Bitch

3 comments on “Thanksgiving Is Coming And So Am I

  1. LOL,,,I’m so glad I found your blog,,,you make me giggle everytime.

    Happy Thanksgiving,,,I allready had mine, last month,,,but, when I lived in the States,,,I truly loved Thanksgiving in November,,just couldn’t get used to the Turkey, while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in the morning, and putting up the Christmas tree,,then in the Afternoon,,watching Football,,,all the while cooking a huge meal,,lol!!
    And, the Black Friday,,thing,,,,scarey,,,,,
    And, just think you get to do it twice this year!
    Congrats, on your scores,,,,and I get loving and missing the Kitty :(

  2. Gangsta turkey. Probably teed off because someone thawed him out by putting him in the toilet and flushing till oven ready. I can relate to non-work holidays. In foodservice we work while everyone else plays, except nurses.

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