Back After Recuperating From Christmas

I gave you a few days to recover after the DingleBerry Rock video debut (and my off-key singing, and possible ear-bleeding that it may have caused). I know you want to hear what I got for Christmas.:

I got candy, beer, coffee, bedsheets, a monkey snuggie, video games, Star Wars Body wash that smells just like Star Wars, a zombie board game, and an Xbox 360 from Professor S and Swedish Falcon. I will post my Xbox Live Gamer Tag after I change it to something other than the default name which included the words cute and Suzie. I also got a GameStop giftcard which I managed to use the next day to get 5 games with my amazing saving skills.

Cookie Crisp got a giant cat tree for her cats and then her boyfriend, the Italian Stallion, came at me with a machete this afternoon when I went over to their house to pick something up. Jam Master J turned 21 yesterday and got a bunch of stuff and cake, then we went out and celebrated while Bumblebee drank out of a fishbowl. I also got a new job. This week has been epic. Unfortunately now I have a job and can’t sit around all day playing Xbox while the Mrs. is at work. But I also will have more money to buy games with which is a plus.

Tomorrow is Swedish Falcon and Professor S’s 40th wedding anniversary so we are going out for dinner and I have to wear a nice shirt even though I want to wear my dingleberry shirt that the Mrs. gave to me on my birthday, I will post pictures later. It has the address on the back and a picture of the dingleberry on the front in his witch hat (my Gravatar). It also says the dingleberry on the front too.