Nostalgia: Picway Shoe Stores

Back when I was a kid, and my family was on hard times, we used to shop at Picway Shoe Store. I think the chain went out of business sometime in the mid-90’s. Picway made Payless look like Saks Fifth Avenue. Picway used to sport such name brand shoes such as Voit and Spalding, companies which were known mostly for their sporting equipment and not footwear, and rightly so I might add. Most of the shoes at Picway were made of low-grade plastic, even the soles, which made it almost impossible to walk on gravel, snow, uneven pavement, or any surface in general. I once got a pair of Pump Up Voit shoes from Picway because Nike had made it popular the year before. I remember that my Voit “shoes” had a button on the tongue that said pump on it but it didn’t appear to do anything whatsoever, it was mainly just for aesthetics.

These are Voit Air Jordan knock-offs, notice that the Michael Jordan-like figure is granny dunking the basketball instead of flying through the air doing the patented Jordan Dunk

Here are some classic Picway Commercials. You know you are impoverished when you are buying 3 pairs of shoes for $10.

I love how the hiking boots are 80% plastic and cost $16.88, who in the blue hell sells hiking boots for $16.88? And what the fuck are speed-up laces?

The sound quality sucked on the last one, but I had to add it due to the family skipping through the park with balloons.

The Mrs. also pointed out how they must have been too poor to afford the extra money to put a “K” on their signs so they shortened it to “Pic”.

6 comments on “Nostalgia: Picway Shoe Stores

  1. Me and my friends in the trailer park got those on purpose. I always had to get shoes from walmart anyways and they already had them so I got a pair too. Did not last too long but I thought it was funny. I kept pumping them like maybe this time it will do something! Ha

  2. speed lacing is where only tbe top part of theace does anything. The other laces are “preset” meaning just for visuals

  3. Huh? Payless made Picway look like Saks. I was a manager for Picway for 8 years. At my suburban Dayton store I sold Converse, L.A. Gear, and closeout shoes from brands like Candies. Everyone at Picway laughed at the crap Payless sold. The reason Picway could sell shoes so cheap was because of ‘vertical integration’, in other words, Picway owned the plants that produced the shoes we sold. Even the ‘lesser’ brands of Voit and Spalding were better than anything from Payless. Your parents took you to Picway because they loved you. Now you know the truth.

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