Laziness At It’s Finest

I had today off work and it was a good day to be lazy. I haven’t driven my rental car since Thursday since it was covered with snow but luckily it warmed up enough today that all the snow melted off of it and now I don’t have to clear it off to drive it in the morning. The Mrs. was at a staff meeting this morning so I spent the whole morning playing Grand Theft Auto IV and drinking generic diet pop, nothing beats shooting pixel-police officers in the face after screwing a prostitute in a stolen car. The Mrs. and I went out for lunch at O’Charleys and then I sat around the house and played with my phone for awhile. The Mrs. made a breakfast pizza for dinner then I cleaned up the kitchen and took a bath for 30 minutes.

Tomorrow I am going to be very busy, unfortunately, because I have work from 8 to 4 then have a staff meeting from 6-8, but dinner is provided so that’s awesome. I also start classes tomorrow, which kind of sucks because it is going to interfere with my Xbox time, but it’s OK because all my classes are online. Hope I don’t have a lot of homework. Although I have a4 day weekend coming up and am going to get a new car and hopefully spend the rest of the weekend doing absolutely nothing.

Fucking police always trying to blast me cause I'm an illegal immigrant

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