Stupid Things People Do To Their Pets

Today I was shopping at Acme and I saw a poodle inside someone’s car, so I had to look in and stare at it like I do whenever I see an animal in a car… but this thing was wearing gold nail polish, I shit you not. I couldn’t decide whether that was really tacky or kind of awesome, I’m leaning toward the tacky side though because I don’t really like poodles that much.

It pretty much looked like this but with gold nails, the Mrs. stopped me from taking an actual picture from my phone. I guess it looks suspicious when you're taking pictures of the insides of other people's cars. (If she wasn't with me I would have totally taken one)

Here are some other stupid things people do to their pets…

Dressing their dog up like Helen Mirren, the resemblance is uncanny!


Dressing their dog up like a horse, that's just freaking disturbing. Also sort of resembles Helen Mirren.

Making their dog kind of look like a panda. Seriously, what the fuck guys?

Making their dog look like a peacock. If you want a fucking peacock just go buy one, instead of making your dog look freaking ridiculous. Shortly after this picture was taken that dog was found hanging with a noose around it's neck in the basement. Instead of a suicide note, it just left this picture behind.

This is why you should have your pets spayed or neutered.

Letting your pet be drowned in a well by a clown, also making your pet walk around outside in sequin panties.


You've got to miss the good old days when you cold walk your pet wife around with a leash and muzzle. That's what you get for straying away from the kitchen, bitch.

Billy Zane approves of this post

5 comments on “Stupid Things People Do To Their Pets

  1. I approve of Billy Zane’s tucking of his scarf/ascot. Sigmund Freud also approves, and finds it quite symbolic, whatever that means.

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