Being Snowed In Makes One Get Cabin Fever And Filled With Murderous Rage (Minus The Murderous Rage Part)

Today we got the most snowfall of the year and we were stuck indoors for the majority of the day. When you are stuck inside of a small apartment complex for 24 hours you start to notice how odd your neighbors are, even though I was already well aware of this beforehand. We have 2 neighbors who always seem to have their apartment doors open like they don’t realize that it’s the year 2012 and it isn’t safe or normal to be leaving your door unlocked, let alone left wide open no matter how safe you think your apartment complex is. There’s a room full of Satan-worshiping BDSM activists which may or may not own an amusement park on the first floor for Pete’s sake. They must be very trustworthy, unlike me.

This guy has the right idea

But that is not the most troublesome part of the day, which was the vacuuming! They were vacuuming for 4 hours straight! Who in the blue hell needs to vacuum a one bedroom apartment for 4 hours? The Mrs. took a nap for 3 hours due to being on Percocet for her kidney stone, and they were vacuuming before and after she woke up and I could hear them the entire time I was in the living room killing video game zombies, it was quite distracting.

"It's the only thing I know how to do when I'm not in the kitchen"

One of the neighbors is always carrying around guitars and always keeps his door open, it’s like he is really lonely and wants someone to come in his room to “hang out”. He’s all like “come inside and listen to me play my guitar, it’s┬ápants-less Tuesday, come check out my guns”.

Totally badass



3 comments on “Being Snowed In Makes One Get Cabin Fever And Filled With Murderous Rage (Minus The Murderous Rage Part)

  1. Here’s my question for Bob: Who is she going to cheat while she’s in the shower by herself? The drain gnomes?

    /abstains from masturbation joke
    //feels morally superior

  2. Yes, he’s got a bad looking ass. Glad to hear the Mrs. is on the mend at home. Being home in your own bed with vacuums running and weird people downstairs is far better than laying in a hospital bed with nurse aides taking vital signs every two hours and other nasty things.

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