My Cat Likes Princess Balloons

The Mrs. recently became a consultant for Mary Kay, a fellow “team member” gave her some balloons to congratulate her for joining. One of the balloons said princess on it and was shaped like a crown. The dingleberry has been obsessed with this balloon ever since she brought it home. This balloon is very fitting for his personality because he is whiny and very feminine. It goes along well with his hot pink feather boa and his witch hat with purple hair. There is also a big long ribbon attached to the balloon which he has been attacking all day.

Here is a picture of the balloons, the pink hearts and jewels on the  balloon just add to his excitement.

Now here is a shot of him in action attacking the ribbon attached to the balloons, they have been keeping him busy for longer than they rightfully should.

I'm looking forward to cleaning up pieces of vomited ribbon off the floor at 6 in the morning.


Speaking of vomit…

I found a dead bug in my ear this evening, it had to have been in their since at least 2 o’clock when I left work this afternoon. That means that it was in my ear for at least 4 hours before I realized it was in there. Gross!