Spent Most Of Yesterday Evening In The Hospital

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling OK, then a few hours after going to work I started feeling more and more sick. Like a typical guy I decided to stick it out and finish out the day. Probably wasn’t a good idea. By the time I got home I had a temperature of 101 and was extremely dehydrated from the fever. The Mrs. took me to the emergency room because I looked awful and was making less sense than usual. I had some kind of low grade strep plus I was dizzy and had chills and other fun stuff.

They hooked me up to an IV which was the worst part because I hate needles. At least I only had to take my shirt off, it was nothing like that awkward physical I had a few months ago that I am NEVER going to talk about ever again. Who the fuck checks your testicles when you’re 30? Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Anyway, I felt better after the IV and they put me on antibiotics. Had to take a few days off of work because apparently whatever I have is contagious. My throat is still sore and feeling a little weak but other than that, I feel much better. I just have to drink plenty of fluids.

Here is a picture of me posing dramatically in the ER to make myself look even more pathetic than I actually was looking.