The Cat With The Dragon Collar

Today The Mrs. and I went to Petsmart to look at the cats and to get thedingleberry a new collar. There was a an orange cat there named “Jabba” and he was ginormous! He had to have weighed 50 pounds and probably had to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow. He was funny looking because he had a gigantic body but he had a tiny little head and a tiny little tail. Here is a picture of him below. I can just imagine him saying “bring me Solo and the Wookie!”

I totally wanted to buy him but I have no idea how we would have been able to carry him up the stairs into our apartment. Sorry about the feces in the background.

We then got thedingleberry a new collar that had dragons on it, they kind of look like Pokemon characters. I had trouble getting a good picture because he kept trying to wiggle away from me.

This picture came out looking more disturbing than it rightfully should have.

Here is his dragon collar.

Was finally able to get a closeup, now he is one step closer to becoming a computer hacking crime fighter.

After going to Petsmart we went to Books A Million where I bought the movie “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror’s” for $5. I am planning on watching it and reviewing it tomorrow. I am pretty sure I overspent about $4.75 on buying this movie, tune in tomorrow to see if I’m correct.

As you can see this does not appear to be a marvel of modern day film making. Bill Dee Williams, you were Lando Calrissian, now you are starring in low budget Snoop Dogg horror movies, what the hell happened?!