Welcome To Litterdome, Bitch

The Mrs. and I went to Petsmart again to look at the morbidly obese cats and to get a new litterbox. We had one of those self cleaning litterboxes for a couple years but it was impossible to clean the fecal remnants out of which were jamming up the inner workings so we decided to get a new litterbox. There were so many choices! This was going to be tough!

The first litterbox I saw was called the “Litterdome” which sounded a lot like the Mad Max movie “Beyond Thunderdome” from the 80’s starring Mel Gibson before he went batshit crazy. I really wanted to buy this one for the name alone. It also was shaped like a dome and had stairs for some reason.

The steps make it look fancy, it’s like you’re trying to trick your cat into thinking he’s going up the stairs to some place special then when he gets to the top he is greeted by his rancid feces. Well played.


The next option was a Bionaire Odor Grabber Litterbox which kind of looked like a cross between a space ship in a 1930’s Science Fiction movie and an old-timey hair dryer. It would have been cooler if it could blow dry your cat or if it rocked back and forth and made cheesy space ship noises while your cat took a crap. Sadly it did neither.

But at least now I have an idea for a new litterbox design.


Next there was the Litter Robot which is a more sophisticated and complex self cleaning litter box than the Littermaid we just got rid of. It also looks like a tiny washing machine that you can drown your cat in. It apparently spins around in a circle after your cat is done pooping, and then dumps all of it’s feces into a box which you can clean later. All for $300…WHAT?! If I am going to spend $300 on a litter box it better bag the poop up, walk it outside and dispose of it in the dumpster or in front of my neighbors doorstep. How can you even call it a robot, all it does is spin in a circle, it’s not like one of those tiny vacuums that cleans your floors for you automatically, what a rip off.

If there was a washing machine that you stuck your cat in and it gave it a bath, that would totally be worth $300.

We decided not to go with any of these litterboxes and opted for a cheap normal looking one, because really, it is just something for our cat to pee and poop in.

Once you enter the Litterdome, you will never leave!