Viking Cats

Here is a post full of pictures of cats with viking outfits on because if there’s one thing there isn’t enough of on the internet, it’s pictures of cats with random shit on them.

I have come to take over your land and your catnip, but first I am going to take a nap and lick my balls for half an hour.


I know my Thor costume isn’t very authentic and I’m holding a reflex hammer but I am the God of Thunder dammit!


I just pooped in your bed.


Hipster Viking Cat was a viking before vikings were cool.


Tell me again that I am a pretty lady. DO IT OR I WILL BITE YOUR FUCKING BALLS OFF!!


Oh you wanted to read this newspaper? I hope you like the smell of my anus on the business section.


Oh ma gerd erma ferking verking derp!!


This would be an awesome litter box.


And Finally…Viking Pug

Oh and one more thing, the original Viking Kittens video! I feel the need to share this video way too often…

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