Remember Pogs?

Do you remember Pogs? Did you ever own Pogs? They were very popular in the early 1990’s and I have no idea why. They were cardboard and metal milk bottle tops that had famous TV show and cartoon characters on them. Kids were supposed to collect them and there was some kind of game they played with them as well. I never actually owned any because I thought they were stupid at the time, plus you needed to have friends to be able to play with them. So anyway, the Mrs. and I were randomly talking about them the other day and I decided to do some research into what made them so popular, and I still have no idea.

When I think of pogs I always think back to the episode of the Simpsons where Milhouse has ALF pogs. “Remember ALF? He’s back! In Pog form.”


Of course there were also Simpsons Pogs, half of which were of obscure characters. A Doctor Marvin Monroe Pog? Seriously?

There were also Marvel Superhero Pogs, most of which were apparently poorly drawn and featured some of their less popular creations.

Wow a Pog featuring the really lame looking recreation of Dr. Strange, that one has to be worth like half a point at least, plus some of Strange’s lower tier villains such as that man/dog thing. Awesome!

However, this has to be my all time favorite Marvel Pog…

Hispanic-looking Punisher. “Tiempo para morir, putas!”

Of course there were also Batman Pogs…

Featuring Bane terrorizing some guy in a wheelchair, transvestite Ivy, and Robin the hairdresser. Fabulous! Way to capture the Batman universe guys!

And you can’t forget the Power Rangers Pogs. Totally used to love that show.

So you have all the original Power Rangers, a dog, that stupid annoying robot, and the monster guy in the gold armor that gets beat up and runs away like a little bitch in every episode. Really, they made a pog of the dog? I don’t even remember them having a dog.

Then there’s the rest…

Plus there were plenty of Pogs featuring random things, such as a guy getting hit in the balls, poorly drawn Spock, various diseases like Lockjaw, caricature Nicholson and Eastwood, and a zombified Mexican stereotype. Awesome!

2 comments on “Remember Pogs?

    • I don’t believe they were ever included with any milk products. They originally were sold with Pog brand drinks, and then were sold individually at places like Wal-Mart.

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