Fancy Cat Beds For Spoiled Freeloading Cats

Now I thought that I was lame for buying my cat a pet bed that matched the comforter on my bed, but then I looked around for some fancier beds on the internet and now I don’t feel so bad.

Here he is in his cat bed, I put it next to his favorite spot in the house, right next to a power strip. He loves being inches away from electrocution so this was naturally the right choice.


Unfortunately his luxurious cat bed looks like a steaming pile of feces next to these extremely fancy-ass beds that cost way too much for something that your cat may or may not ever sleep in, and will probably end up being soaked in urine at some point.

This first cat bed is shaped like a giant flower, I guess this would attract cats because they like eating flowers and other plants that are unhealthy to eat and are likely to give them the squirts.


A pink teacup shaped bed with a princess crown on it. This cat bed is perfectly fitting for my cat, wish I would have bought it, and yes, he is male.


Cat bed that is shaped like a giant cat’s head. When a cat sleeps in it, it’s cute. But if I were to sleep in a bed shaped like a giant human head, that would be considered “creepy”. Totally unfair.


This is a cat bed shaped like an old-timey psychotherapists couch. Cats could really use some counseling because they are all fucking insane. Notice the root beer box in the corner, that’s where the cat actually sleeps.


This looks like it belongs in A Christmas Carol. In the morning he will be visited by 3 spirits, the ghost of that squirrel he ate, the ghost of the spool of yarn he pooped out, and the ghost of his missing testicles.


I am totally going to buy this pink Malibu dream car cat bed for my cat as if he isn’t enough of a flaming homosexual already. Plus,it goes perfectly with his hot pink feather boa. Plus it has custom license plates, awesome! I am proud of my gay cat.