Awkward Presidential Products

Since the Presidential debates are tomorrow I felt it was appropriate to post some weird products that are president themed.

This is a wine bottle holder that is shaped like Obama. Actually it looks more like a tiny zombified-baby Obama sucking on a giant baby bottle full of alcohol. You could totally replace the wine bottle with a dildo and make this 1,000 times more awkward.

Romney and Obama body lotions. Orange scented “O Bama” and mint scented “Mint Romney”. I am not sure if these are regular body lotions or sensual body lotions, but anything called “Mint Romney” is definitely a mood killer.

Obama and Romney condoms. I couldn’t find any pictures of what the condoms actually looked like, I just hope they are plain and don’t have pictures of Obama and Romney printed on them. Although Romney looks like a giant dickhead anyway, so any flesh colored condom would automatically share his resemblance.

Here is an Obama bumper sticker featuring Obama in a diaper riding a unicorn. I have posted about the abundance of nude and semi-nude artwork of Obama riding unicorns floating around the internet before, this is the first time I have ever seen a bumper sticker though. I think I am missing something but this is pretty awesome nonetheless.

Here is a red Solo cup with Romney’s face on it. This just imprinted what the Romney condom would look like into my head. Now I can’t get the image out of my head! Undo! Undo!

This is a cell phone case that has Romney frozen in Carbonite like Han Solo. This is actually kind of awesome but not awesome enough for me to vote for him or buy this case. It would be kind of awesome if Obama had Romney frozen in Carbonite and had him on display in the Oval Office. This needs to be done, someone needs to figure out how to make this a reality and get it done by next month.

In unrelated news, how do you like the new layout? I have been meaning to change it for a long time but I have been too lazy. Props to The Mrs. for switching it around while I was at work today.

7 comments on “Awkward Presidential Products

  1. That is the coolest wine-holder I have ever seen. Mostly because I totally pictured it holding a giant pink dildo instead of a bottle of wine. And if I were to sport that bumper sticker on my car, would that give people the impression that I’m pro-Mitten Pants? ‘Cause they both suck horribly in my opinion.

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