My Cat Tastes Like Pancakes

The Dingleberry has a problem with eye goop, he always has this weird liquid stuff that drips out of his eyes and gets all crusty. The vet gave us this gel that is supposed to clear it up. You put a dime sized amount of gel on his paw and he is supposed to lick it and after a week or two his eyes should stop ejaculating. The other day I put some gel on his paw then I sniffed my finger afterwards and it smelled like maple syrup. So naturally I licked my finger and it tasted a little bit like pancakes, this cat medicine is freaking delicious! So naturally I put some of it on my hand and licked it off because it tastes so good. Anyway, the cat acts like you are stabbing him in the paw with a butcher knife and takes off running whenever I put this stuff on him instead of immediately licking it off. I don’t understand this because it tastes like pancakey goodness. Eventually he does sit down and lick it off vigorously for several minutes. Now I kind of wonder if he would eat a stack of pancakes if I made it for him. The biggest problem now is: I can’t stop licking my cat, he just tastes so good. It is a lot easier and less time consuming than making my own pancakes, the only downside is getting fur in my mouth. Now I don’t have to worry about getting eye goop either. Damn, that cat is delicious.



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