Celebrities That Are Either Vampires Or Immortal

Lately this story has been given national attention due to some photographs that have shown up for sale on Ebay. There have been rumors about Keanu Reeves being immortal for years, but now there have been new photos that have been recovered that have uncanny resemblances to Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

The Keanu Reeves one is totally believable because as you can see in the picture below: he hasn’t aged since the 90’s, but that isn’t the most convincing image….

Here is a picture of Paul Mounet who supposedly was an actor who died in 1922.

And here is a painting from 1530:

Obviously Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a documentary and Keanu has a time traveling phone booth in his basement somewhere.

Now a few weeks ago there has been a picture from the Civil War that looks exactly like Nicolas Cage, this one is even more believable considering how crazy Nicolas Cage is.

If you have any doubts about Nicolas Cage being a vampire, see the undeniable proof in the clip below.


John Travolta has also turned out to be several hundreds year old as well as can be seen in this picture: