The Most Awesomest Movies Of All Time

The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Army of Darkness

Why are these movies awesome? Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw for an arm, and zombies!

Notable mention: Bruce Campbell goes back to medieval times to fight his evil double who turns into a bunch of mini Bruce Campbells that he swallows with scalding hot water and burns them alive then they turn into an evil double who he dismembers with a shotgun then brings back an army of the undead. And at some point a woman has sex with a tree.


Demolition Man

The whole 3 seashells thing, enough said.


John Travolta and Nick Cage (who are immortal vampires in real life) are a cop and a terrorist who switch faces and take over each other’s identities. Craziest plot ever but it is awesome.

Turner and Hooch

Tom Hank’s most Oscar worthy roll, he is a cop who gets partnered with a bulldog ┬áthat drools all over his police car. Comedy Gold!

Sorority Strip Party

It starts off kind of slow and the plot doesn’t make much sense, but the orgy scene at the end makes up for it. A sorority which is full of women who are too old to be in a sorority have to raise money but can’t figure out how. They spend a lot of time taking their clothes off in front of each other then they have an orgy, not sure how any of that helped them raise any money since nobody ever comes by to give them money and they have the party all by themselves so it really didn’t make a lot of sense.


Finding Nemo

This movie was really heartfelt and made me cry a few times. A young fish gets separated from his dad and ends up in a dentist office miles away so his dad has to cross oceans to find him. It was really sad because Nemo is lost in the world and his dad has to try to find him and his only help is a retarded fish voiced by Ellen Degeneres and a bunch of turtle bros. But then they finally are reunited and it is really sad.



I think this is a sequel to Pirates of the Carribean except Johnny Depp and all the other main characters were complete absent from it and there was lots of fornicating. It still made more sense than the last 3 Pirates of the Carribean movies though.