Awkward Cat Pictures

The Dingleberry is going to make up for the lack of content the last few days by merging two of everybody’s favorite things together: awkward pictures and cats.

There is so much awkwardness in this photo that I don't even know where to begin. There's the ponytail/mullet, giant oversized glasses, Tron-esque lasers in the background, the awful sweater plus the cat is obviously being held against it's will.


Hey, it's the Greatest American Hero and his sidekick fluffy. I always wondered what happened to that guy...

For those of you who didn’t get the last joke:

Mom pretty much went along with any lame idea my dad came up with after her stroke.


OK, they were so enthusiastic taking this picture that they didn't even realize she had her fingers completely shoved up her cat's anus.


After she becomes an adult, taking pictures of your daughter in the bathtub stop being cute and are just downright creepy. Plus there's the whole giving the cat a bath while you're naked thing...


I love how the cat's sweater matches it's owners. But the disembodied cat head in the background looking like the Emperor from Star Wars is what totally makes this picture awesome.


Not sure if this should be considered sexy or animal cruelty. I guess it mainly depends on how bad it smells down there. You totally thought I was going to make a "pussy" joke, but no, I changed it up and went with a smelly vagina joke instead.


Not sure if mother and daughter or lesbian couple.


When a hot chick poses naked with her cat it is considered "sexy" when a dude does it is just kind of disturbing.