Gave The Dingleberry A Bath

We gave the cat a bath for the first time in years and he was not very happy. Like most cats he hates water and whined the entire time. Had to give it to him on New Years so that it would be easier to track how long it has been since his last bath. He has been very angry and keeps hiding from us. He looked like a drowned rat.

Walking away in shame

Wet cats look so gross. You can like see his entire skeleton. Luckily he is almost dry now and is all fluffy again, he still keeps shooting us dirty looks though. Cats are so dumb.

New books to review

Today the Mrs. and I went to Borders again because they are selling books really cheap right now, they may be going out of business because they filed for bankruptcy.  We got 2 books for less than 8 dollars which I will review, either in full or if I get bored of writing I may just type a short paragraph about them. The books I got are called  “Black Cats and Four Leaf Clovers” and “Sexually, I Am More of a Switzerland.” The first one is about superstitions and old wive’s tales, the other is about bizarre personal ads that have been published in newspapers. Images are below.

In sadder news, we found a single flea on the dingleberry’s paw. Now he may or may not have more fleas. We are going to have to give him a flea treatment and possibly a bath. He does not like to get baths and flips out like a little baby when he gets wet so we probably will skip the bath for now. He already looks angry enough when we mention the word bath or if bath water is accidentally splashed on him. One time one of our cats, name Riley who is deceased now, jumped into the bathtub with water in it and freaked the hell out, he also liked to walk around the rim of the bathtub and almost fell in it several times. He would also hang out in the bathtub if there was no water in it and watch me poop, which was a little creepy.

On a lighter note, I really really really like pancakes. The Mrs. does not always let me have pancakes as often as I would like because they are not healthy and she makes me buy whole wheat pancake mix, but I make the best pancakes in the universe. The whole wheat pancake mix is still ok though, because I make awesome pancakes. I make the best pancakes because I put fresh bananas or blueberries in the batter which makes a huge difference. I make them on my griddle that the Mrs. gave me for Christmas because she is awesome.

The Mrs. finally shaved my back tonight, now we can go swimming in our pool next week after we move without me looking like Chewbacca in a bathing suit. Yay!!!

An accurate artist’s depiction of what I look like without my back shaved