So…Apparently My Little Pony Porn Is A Thing…

There are plenty of bizarre search terms that bring people to this site, however “My Little Pony porn” brings in at least 5 views every day. Now, I have never posted a topic about my little pony porn so I am a little confused to how that even brings any views. I even Google searched for “My Little Pony porn” and after going through 12 pages I didn’t even see a link to this site so someone must be going through more than 12 pages of search items to bring them here to fulfill their My Little Pony fetish.

Then I decided to Google Image Search for “My Little Pony porn”. Do me a favor, never do that! Ever! Seriously WTF people?! That shit is just plain disturbing. Unless you are the person who is coming to this site specifically looking for My Little Pony porn, then shine on you crazy diamond. However, I am sure that you are greatly disappointed considering that I  have never had any actual My Little Pony porn on this site, at least not until now: why? Because I can use the viewership.

If  you are not the 99% of people (“normal people”) who do not have a bizarre fetish involving humanoid ponies fornicating, feel free to navigate away from the following picture…

OK I know this is probably too "softcore" for those of you who came here specifically looking for My Little Pony porn but seriously, it just gets worse from here, use your imagination.


“Insert obligatory Kate’s Playground or Sara Jessica Parker joke here”

And for you My Little Pony Porn purists out there..

Damn, that is some good My Little Pony on My Little Pony action going on there!

You’re welcome.