Painter’s Here

Today I went out to Stark State to get my schedule fixed because I got scheduled for the wrong classes this Spring and it was apparently too difficult for anyone to handle it over the phone. So I had to drive all the way out to North Canton and sit with an adviser for an hour. My landlord had called me several days ago to let me know that they were going to be patching a hole in my closet and painting it today, so of course…

When I got home the Creepy Old Guy was standing in front of the door like he does every day. He had to shout to me when I walked in the front doorway that the “painter’s here!” like I couldn’t tell from the painter van out front, the smell of paint in the hallway, the fact that my door was open, the empty apartment next to mine was open with visible paint cans inside, the landlord had called everyone about the painting and repairs being done today, and the painter being in sight at the time. Thank you, master of the obvious, I totally would not have known that unless you shouted it loudly at me. At least he didn’t have an erection this time, it must have gone away after the excitement of the painter arriving worn off.

On another subject: I absolutely hate how all business have tons of stupid rules and red tape that make absolutely no sense to anyone. But the low paid people who have to follow these rules and seem as oblivious as to their actual purpose as everyone else is, will feed you so much bullshit about how you have to follow them. Example: The other day the Mrs. was at the doctors office, they keep billing our old insurance which we have not had in months. So we keep getting statements in the mail saying that the bills were denied. So we had to ask the secretary why they were still billing it and she said “that’s because the doctor charges a fee and the facility charges a fee, and you have to call the doctors billing department and ask them why they’re charging your old insurance, blah, blah, blah blah.” Then when you ask them to explain the situation they just feed you more and more bullshit and then the people you call do the same thing, and the cycle goes on and on and on. Basically what it comes down to is making you pay more money than your supposed to then giving you half-assed reasons that make no sense for charging you more money and not giving you a refund. Anywhere else this would be called “misappropriation” or “stealing” and would require time in a federal prison. Either way someone is getting ass raped.

Another example: went to CVS to pick up a prescription. They didn’t have it ready, it had been dropped off hours ago. They didn’t fill it because the insurance company wouldn’t pay for the pills until Sunday. Today is Thursday, what the fuck difference does 2 days make? Apparently it’s a difference of 120 dollars. But why can’t they pay for it 2 days earlier than that? “Because they won’t pay for it because it is too soon”. Who makes up these stupid rules and regulations? And where do they live? So I can punch them in the face and smear feces all over their personal belongings.