People Are Stupid

You ever have those days where you are just fed up with people’s stupidity? I know I do a lot of stupid stuff, but how can people be so incompetent when designing products and running business in general? Here’s a bunch of pictures dedicated to the stupidity of 90% of the general population:

What would be more awkward: taking a shit right next to a couple eating lunch or eating lunch next to someone taking a shit?


Good thing they put that disclaimer there, I would have totally eaten the box otherwise

Totally defeats the purpose of a drive-thru

I seriously hate it when I go to a fast food restaurant and they make you pull into a spot to wait. You’re fucking McDonald’s, how can you not have any sausage biscuits ready? Nothing worse than waiting 10 minutes for a $1 sandwich, and they always have the mentally handicapped person bring it to you that can’t find your car even though you are in the specially marked “drive-thru” space.

Why would Spider-Man be hanging out at the beach in costume? And why in the blue hell would he put on extra clothes to go on a safari? Wait, why would he even be going on a safari, none of this makes any sense!

Me Tarzan, you Jane. Me picturing you naked. *fap* *fap* *fap*

This wrist cell phone holder looks really stupid, but it kind of looks like one of Spider-Man's web-shooters. If they made a Spider-Man version I would totally buy one.

Teach your kids at a young age that after getting a Bachelor of Arts degree they will still be working at McDonald's. Might as well teach them how to fuck up simple orders at a young age.


In other news:  my cat is a moron

A few days ago I gave him a bath and he totally hated it. Here’s a picture I took of him yesterday sitting next to a full tub of water:

He almost jumped in the tub full of water, it's like he forgot he doesn't like getting wet

He is also now on liquid medicine because he was being sneaky and pretending to swallow his pills, then I would find them laying around the house in random places. Now we have to squirt them directly down his throat with a syringe, needless to say he doesn’t like it.

Even More Stupid Products

I have come across even more stupid products to review, not sure if all of these are real or not but they’re pretty disturbing anyway.

Twilight underwear. Not entirely sure whether they are for men or women, either way having Robert Pattinson’s face on your crotch is just awkward. However it would pair nicely with penis slippers and a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

This is a toilet with a clear toilet tank that you can use as an aquarium. Not sure how you keep the fish from being sucked into the toilet bowl or how to keep the gravel and tank accessories from being flushed down either. If someone had one of these in their house or business they would be inviting an “upper decker” (taking a poop in the toilet tank) and trying to clean it after that would take a lot of effort. Especially if all you have is one of those little nets for scooping fish out of the aquarium.

Fetus Cookie Cutters: As much as I like cookies I would even feel uncomfortable eating fetus cookies, I would still eat them but I would feel a uncomfortable while doing it.

This is a stuffed Superman  toy for kids to snuggle with that also inexplicably has a mouth hole from a sex doll. On an unrelated note, anyone know where you can buy a Wonder Woman Snuggler? It’s for research purposes only, I swear.

Corndog flavored lip balm, maybe it’s due to the fact that I hate hot dogs to begin with but this just sounds totally disgusting to me.

Japanese horse underwear, I am not entirely sure what these are supposed to be used for, but I am 100% sure that I do not want to know.

Spermies The Candy You Love To Swallow. Candy that looks like sperm, doesn’t say what flavor it is but due to the “no salt added” disclaimer on the top of the box, I can only imagine.

The next three items are action figures that have always bothered me. They always come out with stupid vehicles and accessories that the characters would never use. It is obvious that the toy makers have not seen the cartoons that they base their toys on.

Aqua Man’s Aqua Sub, first of all he can breathe under water and can swim super fast. Why would he need a submarine? Secondly, what is up with his arms? His hands are larger than 60% of his body. Who cares though, Aqua Man is lame anyway.

The Flash Cycle, the Flash is the fastest man alive, he can run so fast that he can run on top of water. Why would he need or even own a motorcycle? That just doesn’t make sense, not to mention how absolutely dorky this bright yellow motorcycle shaped like a lightning bolt is.

Spider-Man’s Spider Car, Spider-Man is well known for being a poor photographer that lives in poverty. How in the blue hell is he going to be able to afford a car like that? In the movies and cartoons he is always riding around on bikes because he can’t even afford a car that runs. Not to mention that he lives in a small apartment in New York. Where is he going to park this thing? In the parking lot? Because a bright blue car with spider legs growing out of it totally wouldn’t draw attention to his secret identity. Plus you can’t get anywhere in New York by car without sitting through crazy amounts of traffic, by the time he made it to a crime scene the bad guys would be long gone.

Bonus stupid vintage product: Batman squirt gun. This one is self explanatory.