So Apparently There Is Such A Thing As A “Menstruation Party” To Celebrate Your Daughters Journey Into Womanhood

This was on the Bob & Tom Radio Show this morning and I am not making it up.

There is a site called and they have an entire party theme for celebrating your daughters first period. It comes complete with plates, napkins, and cups, which are red of course. Plus it comes with some really awkward sounding games as well. Fun for the whole family, make sure to invite your bachelor uncle over who may or may not be a sexual predator! “So, now you’re officially a woman” he says while making too much eye contact and rubbing his nipples. Awkward!

Taken from the website:

“Create a life time of memories for your daughter by hosting a menarche party for her.  A menarche party can make this time easier and more meaningful for both the young lady beginning menstruation and her parents.


  • 9” dinner plate (8)
  • 7” dessert plate (8)
  • Cup (8)
  • Loot bag (12)
  • Invitation (8)
  • 13” napkin (16)
  • Private Days Feminine Disposable Bags  (10 pack)
  • Pin the Ovaries Game
  • Puberty Marshmallow Game (Download)
  • Menstrual Trivia Game  (Download)
  • Positively Puberty Game Instructions (Download)
  • Step-by-step Party Instructions (Download)”

 Private Days Feminine Disposable Bags? Ewww…

I am kind of intrigued to see what is involved in the “Puberty Marshmallow Game” but I’m pretty sure it isn’t something any normally adjusted teenage girl would want to play with her parents.

Would you really want to invite your friends to this? Plus I just find it kind of disturbing that most of this party revolves around food and menstruation. Two things that typically do not go well together.

But wait, there’s more!

The same company also makes a puberty party, it is similar to the party above but is for girls who have not yet gotten the monthly curse.

It includes different games, food, awkward picture taking, uterus diagrams and a crudely drawn life size 13 year old girl that can be stripped nude! Those kids seem to be having a mediocre time, which is probably the best result you can get from a puberty party.

And now for no real reason, a video of my cat obsessively bathing himself for 4 minutes straight.